1. Material options

  • S1500E constructionHeavy-gauge hot-dip galvanized steel is used for external unit steel panels and structural elements featuring Baltiplus 800TM Corrosion Protection.
  • The Baltiplus 810TM coating is an optional extra. A hybrid polymer coating for longer service life, applied pre-assembly to all hot-dip galvanized steel components of the unit.
  • Optional stainless steel panels and structural elements of type 304 or 316 for extreme applications.
  • Or the economical alternative: a water-contact stainless steel cold water basin. Its key components and the basin itself are stainless steel.

2. Heat transfer media

  • BACross fill Our heat transfer media is factory-tested and patented BACross fill with integrated drift eliminators certified by CTI. Thermal cooling tower performance was shown in comprehensive lab thermal performance tests and offers you unrivalled system efficiency.
  • Patented BACross fill eliminates water splash-out and allows freeze free winter operation. The fill pack includes individual sheets. Sheets are easy to inspect and clean inside the tower without dismantling, eliminating the need for frequent fill replacement. Telescopic fill supports are standard for easy fill replacement.
  • In self-extinguishing plastic, which will not rot, decay or decompose.  
  • For operation above 55°C, try our optional high temperature fill, usable with intake water up to 60°C.

3. Air movement system

  • S1500E  features a multiple belt-driven fan system covering independent fan motor and drive assembly per fan with a plenum partition for independent fan operation. For extra capacity control or stand-by fan in case of fan failure. Together with the heavy duty fan shaft bearings and the moisture protected motor, this guarantees optimal and year-round operational efficiency. Multiple fan drive system
  • Fan(s) in corrosion resistant aluminum, encased in fan cylinder with removable fan guard. To reduce noise even further, choose for a low noise or Whisper Quiet fan reducing the noise even further with minimal impact on thermal performance.
  • Easy removable UV-resistant plastic combined inlet shields at air inlet, block sunlight to prevent biological growth in tower, filter air and stop water splash-out.

4. Water distribution system

S1500E weir damsThese consist of:

  • Low pump gravity water distribution basin with wide non-clog plastic nozzles for uniform water distribution. You can easily clean and flush both nozzles and basin.
  • Weir dams in the hot water basin for variable flow. These close off partly the hot water basin in periods of reduced load, resulting in up to 50% power savings on process pump and ensuring freeze free operation.
  • A sloped cold water basin with:
    -large hinged and inward swinging access door
    -anti-vortexing strainers and make up both easily accessible from air inlet side.
  • Optional internal walkway for easy access to the interior of the unit.

Need more information? Contact your local BAC representative.