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For all markets

Energy savings

Energy saving

Effective heat transfer and reduced air through-flow help our evaporative cooling equipment offer unbeatable energy saving, optimizing the process with lower cooling temperatures. What’s more, the increased process efficiency this achieves also helps this equipment reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to curb global warming.

air conditioning

Air conditioning

Our cooling towers cool condenser water for packaged chillers. Large-scale air conditioning systems use evaporative condensers and offer performance superior to water- or air-cooled packaged chillers in multiple aspects. BAC ice thermal storage systems are used in air conditioning applications which optimally exploit the electrical demand shifting and low temperature cooling water.

BAC saves water

Water saving

Although evaporative cooling equipment saves energy, water is still needed for peak performance. BAC, considering the high cost in some countries of this key resource, has pioneered the development of water saving technology for this equipment. BAC offers an extensive product range boasting peak water saving, by recirculating water in the cooling equipment, or using intelligent dry/wet hybrid cooling technology. A unit protected with the Baltibond hybrid coating saves up to 33% water and chemicals.

Industrial manufacturing

Cooling may needed either directly in the manufacturing of a product, or indirectly in support of the manufacturing operations. BAC
open and closed cooling towers provide cooling for in-plant environmental control systems, jacket cooling for air compressors, metal or plastic molding machines, electric melting furnaces, machine tool cooling, etc. Ice thermal storage units provide economical cooling for batch, or cyclical systems, such as in food processing, metal and plastic molding systems, steam cleaning operations, etc.

BAC controls plume

Plume control

At BAC, our plume control expertise has been exploited to create products and accessories that completely eliminate or significantly reduces plume. BAC has also developed special plume visualization software, for an insight into the shape, height and distance of the plume of your cooling equipment. This helps you to choose the best and most effective  plume abatement solution for your installation.

BAC serves refrigeration

Refrigeration systems

Current concerns about phasing out CFC-based refrigerants have boosted the use of ammonia and hybrid refrigerant systems for versatile applications. BAC evaporative condensers are used in refrigeration systems at breweries, food processing plants, cold storage warehouses, and other places where evaporative condensing is required.

BAC controls sound

Sound control

Key to the sound requirements of any heat rejection equipment is where it is installed. Acoustics differ widely depending on position. However, the thermal performance of our evaporative cooling products mitigates noise by eliminating using fewer or smaller fans. Check out our wide range of sound control options to address sound problems without neglecting the operating conditions.

District cooling

District cooling

District cooling is an environmentally-friendly cooling solution using local and natural resources to cool at a chosen place and time. Chilled water is distributed via piping to customer buildings. BAC provides several district cooling solutions, including ice thermal storage. This produces ice during off peak periods for subsequent cooling.

BAC controls hygiene

Hygiene control and water care

BAC evaporative cooling equipment incorporates several features that  boost your cooling unit hygiene: e.g. sloping sump, combined inlet shields, Eurovent certified drift eliminators and cleanable fill. Water treatment equipment that fits any BAC products perfectly, matches any supplies for chemical water treatment, and keeps your system safe and functionally perfectly for year-round reliable operation.


Data center cooling

BAC has a full range of reliable, energy efficient and sustainable products, options and accessories available that perfectly meet your data center cooling demand. We have specialized software and engineers in house to offer you the most sustainable and efficient cooling solution with the lowest Power Usage effectiveness (PUE) achievable.



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