Evaporative cooling equipment needs good water care and filtration systems to protect components and heat exchange surfaces and control corrosion, scaling and fouling. It is also vital in avoiding the proliferation of harmful bacteria, including legionella, in the recirculating water.

Chemical water treatment equipment: 

BCP dosing and control technology: an accurate water care program with state-of-the-art electronic control.

  • Pre-assembled, easily installed and set-up
  • Designed to match each specific type of equipment and all water treatment programs

The BCP packages are compatible with any chemical water treatment supplies. BAC offers 2 chemical dosage options:

Mechanical filtration systems:

  • Side stream filtration: separator and media filters that efficiently remove suspended solids to reduce system cleaning and optimize water treatment.
  • Sump sweeper piping: a water agitation system that prevents accumulation of sediment in the cold water basin and reduces system cleaning costs. This also boosts the service life by eliminating the source of underdeposit corrosion.

Concerned about the water in your cooling system? Contact your local BAC Balticare representative and let us know how we can help.