Below is a listing of the main options and accessories.  If your required option or accessory is not listed, look no further than your local BAC representative.

Reheat coil

Finned reheat coil produce continuous dehumidification and reduce sweating by heating the air after it leaves the cooling coil section. The reheat section is separated from the cooling section by an air break.

Variable fin spacing

Variable fin spacing is available for severe frost applications, where fins on the air inlet face of the coil have wider spacing than the remainder of the coil.

Drain pan electrical defrost

Electric elements are clamped to the bottom of the drain pan, effectively heating the pan bottom to provide quick defrost.

Drain pan hot gas defrost

A hot dipped galvanized hot gas circuit is provided and clamped to the bottom of the drain pan for maximum heat transfer to the pan.

Drain pan insulation

The drain pan can be insulated when either hot gas or electric defrost is required to contain the heat inside the drain pan or if there is a risk of condensation occurring on the underside of the drain pan. Insulation covers are constructed from of self-healing Baltiplus 800TM.

Air discharge alternatives

These include:

  • Fans selected for external static pressure
  • Splayed fan plenums that can tilt the fans up to 30 degrees from the horizontal plane.
  • Draw through and blow through options are available.

Additional uses

Increasingly, our product has also found use more industrial applications such as oil coolers for transformer oil and heat recovery applications.

Want to know more about HDG evaporator options and accessories? Contact yourlocal BAC representative for more information.