1. Material options

  • Structural panels and fan deck are made from hand-laid heavy duty fibreglass reinforced polyester (FRP), with hot-dip galvanised fill and mechanical supports.

    FCT construction details

  • Option: Stainless steel type 304 or 316 fill and mechanical supports for added corrosion resistance.
  • Cold water basin: Mould formed, hand laid, heavy-duty fibreglass reinforced polyester (FRP) with smooth internal finish.
  • Option: Tower without cold water basin for on-site assembly on concrete tank.

2. Heat transfer media

BAC Versapak

  • Our heat transfer media is cross fluted fill design in easy to handle, lift and remove blocks. Standard offering is a flame-retardant poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) material, with sheet spacing of 12mm or 19 mm for clear water applications
  • Choose high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tube fill with 65mm spacing for dirty water applications.

FCT tubefill

  • For operation above 55°C, try our optional high temperature 
    , usable with intake water up to 65°C. 


3. Air movement systemRCT externally mounted fan motor

  • Direct-drive models are fitted with aerofoil blade fans with an aluminium hub and injection-moulded glass reinforced composite blades.
    Larger units use V-belt drives with aerodynamically designed, extruded aluminium blade fans. This drive system consists of heavy duty bearings, steel shaft and pulleys.
  • Our high efficiency drift eliminators come in UV-resistant plastic, which will not rot, decay or decompose.  These are assembled in easily handled and removable sections, for optimal internal access and maintenance.
  • Easy removable UV-resistant PVC air inlet louvres at air inlet, block sunlight to prevent biological growth in tower, filter air and stop water splash-out.

4. Water distribution systemRCT spray system

These consist of:

  • Spray branches with non-clog plastic nozzles secured by rubber grommets. Tool free branch removal for easy inspection and flushing.
  • Flanged inlet and outlet connections.
  • Easy accessible cold water basin, including anti-vortexing strainer, make up and overflow connection.

Interested in the FCT cooling tower? Contact your local BAC representative.