Water falling in sumpBefore you buy or install any BAC equipment, you must evaluate all the parameters possibly influencing your cooling equipment selection.

Answer these application questions, and choosing is easy!

  • What design conditions (flow, incoming/outgoing water/fluid, fluid type, entering wet bulb temperature) achieve optimal energy efficiency for my process?
    Check our cooling technologies or read how evaporative cooling works.
  • What space is available to accommodate cooling towers or condensers?
    Read more about equipment layout
  • Which material option helps save water or facilitate maintenance.
    Read more about BAC construction materials.
  • Are there acoustic limits (sound power, sound pressure, day, night)?
    Read more about sound.
  • How about maintenance and cleaning?
    Read more about why evaporative cooling equipment maintenance is important.
  • Could the formation of visible plume be problematic?
    Read more about plume abatement.
  • What is the condition of the make-up water and can recirculating water quality be controlled?
    Check our water quality guidelines.

Read or download BAC application guidelines to ensure correct selection and proper attention to overall system design, installation, water care and maintenance.

Contact your local BAC representative for even more information.