Key benefits

  • Empowers transcritical CO2 applications in warmer climates
  • Minimum system energy
  • Low installation cost

For transcritical CO2 applications in warmer climates 

  • No regulatory liability or restrictions.
  • No expensive future retrofits due  to refrigerant phase out.
  • Reduced system carbon footprint with global warming potential of “1” and ozone depleting potential of “0”.
  • Low installed cost due to lower refrigerant cost and no refrigerant tax.

Energy efficient, economical transcritical CO2 systems with air cooled gas coolers are limited to colder climates due to the limitations of the dry bulb ambient temperature.  

By using the TrilliumSeries condenser’s unique adiabatic design, it is possible to reduce the air temperature and hence improve the system efficiency. Transcritical CO2 systems can now be applied to southern regions with higher ambient temperatures and additional energy can be saved in cooler climates.

Minimum system energy

  • Up to 37% annual system energy reduction by operating at lower condensing temperatures.
  • Direct drive variable speed EC motors minimize fan energy required.

Low insallation cost

  • Reduces overall system size and pressures by operating at lower CO2 temperatures.
  • Shrinked size of the rack and reduced weight.
  • Lower refrigerant charge than comparable air cooled condensers.

Minimal maintenance

  • No water treatment required.
  • Requires the same time to maintain as an air cooled condenser.

Long term reliability

  • Industrial grade Type 304 Stainless Steel and an exclusive Thermosetting Hybrid Polymer coating on all structural panels.

Low sound

  • Lower airflows due to the unique adiabatic design result in low sound levels.
  • Whisper Quiet fans are standard.


Interested in the TrilliumSeries condenser for your commercial refrigeration project? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.