Cleaning and disinfectionBAC Balticare offers a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection service for cooling equipment. These cleaning and disinfection procedures are carried out in full compliance with regulatory or site specific health and safety requirements.

Keeping surfaces clean within a cooling tower or evaporative condenser not only ensures that the thermal performance is optimised: it also avoids the growth of biofilm and harmful bacteria, including legionella. Cleaning is not a substitute for water treatment but part of an overall programme for effective bacteriological control.

It is recommended that cooling towers and evaporative condensers are cleaned at least once a year or twice as per country specific legislation requirements. Additional cleaning will be required where there are high bacteria or legionella counts.  All cleaning and disinfection service personnel are BAC Balticare trained and wear suitable personal protective clothing and equipment.

Efficiency losses that result from scale formation can dramatically increase your energy costs and increase the risk of a plant shutdown. BAC Balticare can provide descaling chemicals and services to remove most types of scale from your cooling equipment and reducing your energy usage. 

You want to optimize the thermal performance of your cooling equipment by keeping your cooling equipment clean? Contact your BAC Balticare representative and tell us how we can help you.